Meet & Greet Monday | Marlissa of Mai Lin Jewelry

Hey there, bitties!  It's MONDAY!  We don't know about y'all, but Monday is becoming a rather, shall we say, liked day around here?!  It's just so much fun introducing you to a cool creative that you may never have heard of or seen!  It's like a blind date that knocks it out of the park EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!  Well, this week will NOT disappoint!

Our feature this week is a girl boss, a self-proclaimed "jock" and has the sweetest heart for giving!  We love her jewelry and can't wait for you to love it too!  Meet Marlissa!  She is the beauty behind Mai Lin Jewelry!  We chatted her up to get the behind the scenes scoop that can only be found on The Daily Bits!  

Marlissa Flint of Mai Lin Jewelry

TDB:  Mai Lin Jewelry is your creative business, how did it come about and what does it mean to you?  Is Mai Lin just a shortened form of your name?

MLJ | Marlissa:  My business has become the biggest part of my life aside from my family. In my final year of design school, I spent 9 months exploring gift giving around the world. When I graduated, I started Mai Lin as an extension of my research. 

Mai Lin is my Chinese name, given to me by my grandmother. Before starting my business, I had never really used the name but I always wanted it to be on the forefront of my life in some way. When it came to naming my jewelry company, nothing felt more natural than using the name Mai Lin. 

TDB:  If your business could take off and grow infinitely, where would you envision it going?  

MLJ | Marlissa:  Oh boy. I really love where my business is right now. I am enjoying playing a major role in every aspect of my business from the making to the accounting. I have learned so much and I feel so lucky to have this little company. I would love to travel more. It would be so amazing if my business could take me around the world. I suppose if we're being completely honest here...I would love to see my reminder bracelets in every Anthropologie in North America :)

Mai Lin Jewelry

TDB:  Have you always been creative by nature and do you have any other secret aspects of your creativity that aren't showcased by Mai Lin Jewelry?  

MLJ | Marlissa:  I have always been creative and I have always made new things on a regular basis. I love to challenge myself to learn new skills, use new tools and just enjoy the thrill of making something I've never made before. In the spring and summer, I love to spend time in my back yard dyeing fabric and clothing. Dyeing was something I did a lot of during my years in undergraduate school so it's familiar and fun to do on a sunny day. 

Mai Lin Jewelry Custom Wedding

TDB:  When you aren't busy creating pieces to sell or making custom orders, what do you find yourself mostly enjoying?  Can you describe a typical Saturday for you?  

MLJ | Marlissa:  I am a big jock at heart. I love to do anything active. On a Saturday, I love a nice big cup of coffee, followed by an indoor cycling class. Then I go to some sweet, cozy spot for some brunch with friends. I live in Toronto Canada which is the perfect city for a nice neighbourhood walk or weekend market, or a combination of both. In the evening, I love to relax by cooking a hearty meal for my family. 

Make sure you head over to Instagram and start following her beautiful feed (@mailinjewelry) and be sure to check our her website (  where you can also find the link to her Etsy store so you can sport some of her handmade lovelies!  Marlissa has a great week planned for all our Instagram fans, including a giveaway!  Be sure to head over to our Insta account (@the_daily_bits) so you can see what her life is like when she takes over tomorrow!  

Meet & Greet Monday | Field and Forest Design

It's officially summer!!  We don't know about you, but we LOVE summer!  Summer sparks new experiences, more time spent outdoors, and fresh creative perspectives.  What are your plans for summer?  

This week we have a creative gal who has a strong sense of purpose behind her craft.  Not sure what we mean?  You can read all about Lindsey and Field and Forest Design now! 


TDB:  Tell us a bit about you.

FAFD | Lindsey:  I have always loved to paint, draw, take photos, etc.  After college, I worked some odd jobs but didn’t enjoy them and struggled with what I was supposed to do within life.  I ended up moving to Louisville and doing an internship at a homeless shelter.  It was there that I met my husband and after two years of marriage, we had our son and I began staying home with him.  I still loved to create and tried my hand at lots of things like photography, wood burning, and calligraphy, but found that I loved hand lettering.  I took a few online classes and practiced everyday.  

  I sold my pieces at two art shows at the end of 2014 and opened my Etsy shop last October.  Opening my Etsy shop and starting our adoption process just happened to start around the same time. I decided to use all of the profit from the shop to go towards our adoption costs.  We are adopting a little boy from China and will be traveling to bring him home sometime at the end of this year. He has a Cleft lip and palate and will need multiple surgeries once he is home. We will then use the funds to help cover medical costs. 


TDB:  Your business name is Field and Forest Design, what is the story behind that choice and what inspired you to create and design what you sell?

FAFD | Lindsey:  It comes from the hymn, “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”

Field and forest, vale and mountain,

Flowery meadow, flashing sea

Singing bird and flowing fountain

Call us to rejoice in Thee”

I love being outdoors and am inspired by nature.  Just as the song says, creation inspires me to rejoice in the Creator.  Since my work is all done on wood (from the forest), I thought it was fitting.

I first started hand lettering on paper. I got frustrated by that medium because in order to reproduce pieces, I needed to learn how to work Photoshop and Illustrator. I got frustrated spending more time at a computer than using my hands.


 Around this time, we went to my parents' house and had a bonfire. My dad was using these smooth, cut pieces of wood to kindle the fire. They were scrap pieces he had gotten from work that were going to be tossed but they were nice looking pieces. I asked if I could have some. He gave me some pieces and I started trying out wood burning my hand lettering on wood. This was OK but I wasn't thrilled at how it was turning out. Finally I tried painting and found my niche! 

I love getting to use my hands to create and I love giving new life to pieces of wood that would have otherwise been tossed aside.


TDB:  What are the top three things you have gained from creating your art?

FAFD | Lindsey:  Feeling alive and that I am doing what I was created to do.

Funds for our adoption. 

Growing in my creativity. I didn't use my creativity much for years. I have found that the more I use my creative "muscles" the more they grow. 


TDB:  You get an email requesting a collaboration from someone, who would you absolutely love that to be from and why?

FAFD | Lindsey:  Hmm...probably my friend Chelsey of Chelsey Lynea Photography. Her photography is absolutely gorgeous. I'm kind of obsessed.  She does an amazing job of capturing both light and life. She also has a heart to use her photography to tell others' stories. This would be lots of work but maybe we could do a book with her photography and my hand lettering working together to tell the others' stories in a way that inspires and calls people to action.  Maybe to educate others about orphans, poverty, a certain people group, etc.


TDB:  What/Who has been the most supportive of your design and how so?

FAFD | Lindsey:  My husband has been supportive but also helps me to not feel pressure financially. I get stressed easily and he knows it. He supports me while helping me feel the freedom of not having  to bring in "x" number of dollars. My friend Kiana has been supportive from the beginning as well. I tell her she is my biggest fan. When I first started out, she was always excited about my creativeness and bought my work which was such an encouragement. Sharing your work with the world for the first time can be intimidating. 

Isn't she lovely?  We love that her creative business is helping to fund her adoption!!  Let's all support this #girlboss and don't forget to tune into our Instagram to watch Lindsey's takeover tomorrow!!  You can find her on Instagram (@field_and_forest_design) and her Etsy shop is 😊

#WinitWednesday | Material Culture Co.

Happy #Humpday!  We have renamed this day to #winitwednesday because we would much rather give you a chance to win something cool instead of just letting you know you are halfway through the work week!  Duh!  Entering giveaways on Wednesdays are totally better, right?  Especially when it comes from a new creative, like this week's Material Culture Co.!  


Emily is graciously giving away these amazing pouches and we are already dreaming up all the cool things we could use them for!!  Head on over to our Instagram or Facebook for full contest details and to make sure you are entered to win these bad boys!!  Spread the word, tell your friends and throw your name in the hat before Friday, June 19th at Midnight EST!!  We will announce the winner on social media June 20!  Good Luck, Bitties!!

Meet & Greet Monday | Emily of Material Culture Co.

🎶Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back🎶 We hope you had a stellar weekend and are ready to hit Monday hard with whatever it may throw at you!  It's such a wonderful thing for us to be able to feature these amazingly talented and creative individuals each week and really get to know them!  We are in such awe of the kind responses we have gotten from this community and their willingness to allow us the opportunity to show them in a different perspective!  Thank you for taking the time each week to learn about someone new and following along as we explore them!  

Well, we are half way through June!  Time flies when you are having fun, right?  This week we have Miss Emily from Material Culture Co. (@materialcultureco)  She is a beautifully talented creative who loves her some fabric!!  Before I spill all the beans on this maker maven, let's see what she had to say when we interviewed her!  


TDB:  What can you tell us about yourself?

MCC | Emily:  I’m a self-taught sewist who was gifted her first sewing machine at age 13 (I watched my mom sew a lot of curtains and pillows when I was growing up!).  I rediscovered my love of sewing about four years ago after I made a set of quilts for a new set of twin babies!  And once my friends discovered that I could sew, the list of custom projects began.  Although it wasn’t until last year, in 2014, that I officially started my sewing business, Material Culture Co and began to develop my own products which now include pillows, zipper pouches and flag bunting and banners.


TDB:  Your shop is called Material Culture Co., what's the story behind the name and what made you choose to create what you sell?

MCC | Emily:  I chose the name “Material Culture Co” for two reasons: one, because the word “material” is another name for my chosen medium of fabric, and two, because “material culture” is a term that refers to the everyday use of materials and objects.  I have always been very interested in how people use, love, keep, and discard different kinds of objects.

My love of fabric and the amazing things that you can create with it (although you have to do a lot of imagining beforehand!) has led me to focus on sewn objects.  Exactly what I make tends to be guided by my good friends, who will often ask me – “hey, can you make this?”, and then my experiment for them often turns into something I offer in my Etsy shop.


TDB:  If you could see your creations used in a magazine, which magazine would it be and which item would you most like to see?

MCC | Emily:  I am currently in love with the gorgeous craft magazine Mollie Makes!  It is absolutely beautiful in layout, content and style.  I would love to see anything I made on its pages (what a dream for the future!).

Photo courtesy of  Katarina Kuruc of Boakview Photography

Photo courtesy of  Katarina Kuruc of Boakview Photography

TDB:  What are five current favorites of yours?

MCC | Emily:  

  • neon anything/everything
  • monochromatic colour schemes
  • the wonderfully supportive and positive maker community that I’ve found on instagram (and especially with the amazing group @makersgonnatrade)
  • thrift store shopping for housewares and used clothing (I am addicted!)
  • doily garlands and the “granny chic” trend

 TDB:  What is the best environment for you to design in?  Try your best to describe the setting, the noise or lack of and anything else that can paint a picture for us.  

MCC | Emily:  The best environment for me is a quiet one, early in the morning after I’ve tidied my desk the night before and I’m starting with a clean space.  I always have a mug of tea (a big one!) and a pencil and notebook for making “to-do” lists and crossing off tasks as I complete them.  Lovely.  Sounds like heaven to me.

Make sure you follow along all week to get more insider scoop and for a chance to win a lovely giveaway!!  Also, be sure to follow Emily on Instagram (@materialcultureco) and shop your favorites at 

Meet & Greet Monday | Margaux Pepper

Manic Monday?  No way!  Not with a lovely new feature week starting here at The Daily Bits!  We are proudly introducing a gal who hails from the Bayou State, but now resides in the Windy City!  Her name, which we are super jelly of because it is totally amazing, is Margaux Pepper!  So good, right?  Let us just say, her creativity surpasses her amazingly stupendous name.  Let's dig in and get to know this sassy southerner!

Margaux Pepper

TDB:  Give us a quick peek into who you are.

MP | Margaux Pepper:  I'm originally from the south and came to Chicago for school at Northwestern.  I've been working in the digital department at Weber Shandwick since I graduated and doing art and freelance design in my free time.  


TDB:  You are so multi-faceted, which medium would you choose if you could only be creative in one and why?

MP | Margaux Pepper:  I would definitely have to say art - I always have a lot of fun when I'm working on new art projects, but more than that, it's incredibly cathartic.  Art has always been a great way for me to channel my stress and turn it into something positive that I can be proud of.  


TDB:  What creatively inspires you and what is one thing you have created that you are most proud of?

MP | Margaux Pepper:  I like getting creative inspiration from other artists around me.  I'll explore Instagram and Pinterest to find new people to follow whose work I find interesting, and then I try to make my next project in that aesthetic.  Trying on other people's styles has really helped me find my own voice!

I think the project I'm most proud of is the design I did for my friend's sister's wedding.  She and her family were so excited about how everything turned out that they ended up putting the custom logo I made on a handmade ring box and the guest book in addition to the invitations!


TDB:  If you could be invited to collaborate with someone, who would it be and why?

MP | Margaux Pepper:  Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom.  She's one of the first people I followed when I started getting into lettering, and I've always admired how her work is both beautiful and imbued with a sense of humor.  Plus I think her Will Letter for Lunch idea is genius and such a fun adventure!


TDB:  What is one challenge you have faced and overcome and how did you do it?  What advice would you have for someone facing a similar challenge?

MP | Margaux Pepper:  I don't know if I've fully overcome it, but I'm always working on managing my time better.  I get excited about so many projects that it's hard to juggle sometimes, but you have to learn to say no to things.  I always have a better time when there are just a few projects that I can really focus on and commit to.  

Please join us this week as we learn more about Margaux!  You can easily find her on Instagram (@margauxpepper) and follow her lovely life in little squares as well as check out her website ( showcasing some snippets of her talent!  Have a great day, bitties!



Meet & Greet Monday | Elizabeth Heard

Happy Monday!  We are loving these weeks spent with all these amazing creatives and we hope you are as well!  This week we want to introduce you to someone with lots of flair.  Her name is Elizabeth Heard.  This is a girl you will want to know, she is super fun and she is attracting some attention from some large places!  Marie Claire magazine anyone?!  Let's see what she had to say during our interview with her!  

elizabeth heard logo

TDB:  What can you tell us about yourself?

EH | Elizabeth Heard:  

I have an unabashed obsession with hair barrettes, and have since childhood. From swimming to sleeping, you would rarely find me without one.  My love for barrettes stayed intact but I noticed a niche in the market for quality and unique hair accessories as I aged out of my giant grosgrain bows.  I always dreamed of starting my own line.  I attended Parsons School of Design after graduating from SMU in Dallas, TX, where I was able to hone my skills for crafting custom hair wear.  I am currently living and working in the peach state with my sweet fiancee, Jeb.  My barrettes began as a fun personal passion and have recently evolved into a small online and wholesale business.  I am so grateful for the women with flair who find their finishing touch with one of my barrettes and I am really excited for what's to come. 

elizabeth heard

TDB:  What got you started making barrettes?

EH | Elizabeth Heard:  

I wanted to start my own line and upon my move to Atlanta I had a little more time on my hands and I realized that if I wanted to make and sell my own product- I was the only person that could make it happen. I am constantly working to improve the quality and appearance. The barrettes are a total work in progress but the more I do, the more I realize what I don't know, and the more excited I am to learn.


TDB:  If you could wholesale your barrettes to one store, which would it be and why?

EH | Elizabeth Heard:  

If I could sell wholesale to anyone--I would love the opportunity to sell my "party animal" barrettes to J-Crew as part of their "in good company" collection and "you're a gem" barrettes to Anthropologie. 

rhino barrette

TDB:  A celebrity is walking the red carpet and is wearing an Elizabeth Heard barrette, which red carpet award show is she at?

EH | Elizabeth Heard:  

While a red carpet is full of gems and I would be so flattered for my barrettes to be on any….they are really made for the everyday with the hope of adding some sass to your step and flair to your hair. 

gemstone barrettes

TDB:  What is something not many people know about you? Do you any silly quirks, funny favorite foods?

EH | Elizabeth Heard:  

I am a huge fan of old-school Travis Tritt, I was featured in Seventeen Magazine in college for my Halloween costume as a "loofa" (an idea that came to me in the shower and made possible thanks to JoAnn Fabrics), I wear pink tights in the winter, and had a pet alligator on my keychain until just recently. 

Win it Wednesday!

In case you haven't sensed the pattern by now, Wednesday's are for winning!  We love these collaborators so much and we are thrilled when we get to introduce them to you and you get the opportunity to take a deeper look at not only what they create, but the amazing people behind the products.  We truly believe in spending more time supporting one another and less time (or no time) competing against others.  

This week, you have gotten to know the loveliness that is Lindsay from Dwell in Hope.  She has graciously decided to giveaway an amazing weaving she did plus a $20 shop credit!  Jump over to our Instagram or Facebook to get full details and to enter!  This giveaway ends Friday, May 29 at midnight EST.  Good Luck, bitties!


Meet & Greet Monday | Dwell in Hope

First and foremost, we want to take a moment to remember all those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country to support our freedom.  Let us all maintain the perspective that this day is not meant to symbolize the start of summer or to have picnics and family time, which are all wonderful, but not the true significance of this day.  Thank you to the soldiers and families that have given up their lives in order for us to live ours.  You will never be forgotten.

Now, without further adieu, we are proud to introduce this week's new featured creative, Lindsay of Dwell in Hope!  This is one impressive momma maker!  She is exploring all her creative talents and we are loving every bit of what she has to offer!  So grab your donut and a hot cup of joe and read more about this lovely lady and what inspires her to create!


 TDB:  Please tell us a little about yourself.

DIH | Lindsay:  Hello! I’m Lindsay—a wife, mama, designer, and maker. I am the creative behind Dwell in Hope. I’ve been in the design world for the last decade and recently took the plunge into raising my 2 kids (4 and 1) full time and working from home. While I loved working in the non-profit world designing, I love designing for individual people even more. Small business branding, invitations, cards, stationary, personal projects—those are the things that get my brain racing and bring joy to my life. I am also a new weaver—after years of searching for a medium I loved outside of design, I’ve finally found it in weaving. It brings me such peace and time to process, plus it’s easy to stop and pick up again when a kiddo needs my full attention. :)

weaving 1.jpg

TDB:  I saw you moved from Ohio to El Paso, Texas, what brought you across the country?

DIH | Lindsay:  I was born in El Paso, but haven’t lived here since I was 5 (I moved around a lot as a kid.) After spending the last 10 years in Columbus, Ohio (which I loved!), we decided to move to El Paso to be closer to my family and to help care for my grandmother who has Alzheimers. We live in a very full house  with 4 generations—it’s definitely not easy, but has been a huge blessing to my kids and to my family. While sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo, I wouldn’t change this chance to love and care for my family full time for anything.

dwell in hope banner_color-01.jpg

TDB:  Your shop name is Dwell in Hope, what does that mean to you?

DIH | Lindsay:  Our brains so easily hold on to negative places and after I had my daughter I was in a really dark place and feeling incredibly guilty about it since I “should” have been on top of the world. As I was fighting my way out of that dark place, I realized that I can only make it through life with hope—that hoping in something better; someone better; a life without hardship and pain can’t happen here on earth, that I needed to place my hope in the promise I have in heaven. “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and salvation, he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.” (Psalm 62:5-6) This verse helped ground me and remember to stop placing hope in small, insignificant things, but that my hope in Jesus and eternal life far outweighs anything I can hope for here on earth. My shop name comes from that period in my life when I desperately needed to remember to fight for and dwell in a place of hope (and is a constant reminder as every day I have to choose to live in hope and not darkness).

TDB:  When you are stuck in a creative rut, where do you go for inspiration?

DIH | Lindsay:  Nature, people, my kids and a quiet place. There is so much inspiration around, but often it gets drowned out by the everyday tasks and crazy amount of information thrown toward me every day. The best inspiration comes from the quiet moments, the times when I unplug and just live and breathe that moment.

birthday invite.jpg

TDB:  What is your favorite quote and what does it mean to you?

DIH | Lindsay:  “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Carl W. Buechner

I love this quote as it is a reminder that the way we treat people is of such great importance. That showing love and compassion and empathy have more impact than any words we speak.  

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Lindsay from Dwell in Hope a bit!  Please jump over to Instagram this week to get a deeper glimpse into her creative mind!  She has also worked out a really special giveaway for a lucky follower this week!  You won't want to miss it!  



Meet & Greet Monday | Almost Noelle

Happy Monday Bitties!  We hope you had an amazing weekend!  Now that you are back to the grind, we are here to make your Monday a bit brighter with a new feature.  After discovering her talent on Instagram, we now have quite the list going of work we want to snag from this lovely and talented artist.  Let's give a warm welcome to Lauryn from Almost Noelle!


TDB:  Tell us about yourself.

AN | Lauryn:  Hello! My name is Lauryn. I am the artist behind Almost Noelle. I run the shop with my amazing husband. I get the easy part -drawing- while he takes care of the business side for me. I am a first time momma to the sweetest little boy that ever existed. We are proud Utah residents and live in a cozy city called South Weber. Before this year, I was a Kindergarten teacher at a private school, but I took off some time to be with my baby boy. It has been sad to be away from my kiddos, but in my eyes, more important to be a momma. I have been able to get a little teaching outlet at a dance studio nearby. I have danced since I was a little girl and absolutely love it. I'm your average girly girl. I love purple, pink, glitter, art, dance, and clothes. I write a fashion blog so I get to dress up regularly :) and you can pretty much count me OUT of any athletic sport that includes a ball...unless it's Quidditch...anything Harry Potter I'm in.

TDB:  How did you get started drawing?

AN | Lauryn:  I have been drawing since I can remember, so let's just say I got started drawing when I learned how to hold a pencil! I have always had a knack for art. I swear designs and ideas have been itching to get outside of me since I was a little girl. My parents were divorced when I was really young, so traveling from house to house gave a lot of "down time" or for me.... "drawing time". When I got into junior high I took my first official art class and fell in love. After that, I took art/drawing courses all through high school and in college. Although, I never needed a scheduled moment to draw. I doodled on grocery lists, homework, letters, and to this day sidewalk chalk is one of my favorite pastimes. 

A few years ago, my husband gave me a Bamboo Tablet by Wacom (a digital drawing tablet) for our anniversary. I was messing around drawing various pictures and ended up drawing a sketch from one of our engagement pictures. It was kind of fun how it turned out so I decided to draw a couple of sketches for friends with weddings around that time. The illustrations were a hit and Almost Noelle took off right before our eyes. We have been truly blessed!


TDB:  If you could be commissioned by any celebrity to illustrate them, who would it be and why?

AN | Lauryn:  Well wouldn't that be a dream!? Really, it would be so sweet to be commissioned by any celebrity. I mean, c'mon. But while we're dreamin', my two favorite celebs are T-Swift herself and the amazing musician Lights. Whom both I've already drawn a picture of. What can I say, I'm a devoted fan. But if I could be commissioned by either I would choose Lights. I love drawing families, especially with little babies. Lights has the cutest or rather "raddest" family ever. She has a little girl named Rocket...could you be any cooler?


TDB:  What is one piece of advice you would have given yourself five years ago if you could have, knowing what you know now?

AN | Lauryn:  This may seem a little cliché, but if I went back five years ago and told myself something, it could have changed the experiences I had that helped me get where I am now. Sappy? Sure. But definitely true. Five years ago I was engaged to my husband and in Goo-Goo-Ville/La-La-Land any way... so really, if I told myself something five years ago I think my younger self would have been much too distracted. ;)


Thank you for spending some time getting to know Lauryn and her adorable brand, Almost Noelle!  We adore her and we hope you do too!  Make sure you jump on Instagram tomorrow as she takes over and guest posts all day on @the_daily_bits!  She also has a fabulous giveaway in the works for #winitwednesday!  Don't miss this full week of fun!  



Meet & Greet Monday | WovenGlobe Apparel

Hey Y'all!  It's Monday again so you know what that means!  Another fabulous feature week!  This week we are anxious to introduce a brand spankin' new company, WovenGlobe Apparel.  Guys, this company is truly amazing!  They just launched their website TODAY and are ready to hit the ground running and do some global goodness!  Here is our interview and exclusive sneak peek into the company that you will only find on The Daily Bits!  Grab your coffee and get ready to be inspired!  


TDB: Tell us a little about you and what got you interested in starting WovenGlobe?

WG:  Hi! My name is Jared Rainbow (yep, that’s really my last name, I swear) and I was born and raised in Southern California. I am currently finishing up my final year at the University of California Santa Barbara, where I am studying economics and entrepreneurship. I absolutely love business and the challenges that it brings, so I am incredibly excited to finally launch WovenGlobe Apparel!

Jared Rainbow | Founder of WovenGlobe

WovenGlobe came about as I was working with artists to create a new clothing company. As I set out to find cool local artists to design my shirts, I found that they were not only talented, but generally they were very kind and inspiring individuals. I slowly realized that I could create something far bigger than just a clothing company; I could start a movement with these artists. So I decided to build this company on three basic ideas:

  1. Create premium, high-quality clothing.
  2. Unite a global network of artists, and share their work with the world.
  3. Give back to the amazing causes, charities and organizations that make our world a better place.

So essentially WovenGlobe allows me to do all of these. 

How it works is simple:

1.     People share their artwork with us and they also select a cause, organization, charity or non-profit that they are passionate about supporting.

2.     About once a month we select someone to be our Featured Artist, and they get to work with us to create a custom piece of apparel with their artwork for our GiveBack clothing collection.

3.     We sell the custom apparel on our site, and not only do the artists get amazing recognition and publicity for their work, but we donate 10% of every purchase to the cause that the artist chose to support! Cool right? Finally artists have the ability to make the world a better place with their art.

So far we have launched the WovenGlobe Signature line of apparel, and we are actively searching for our first Featured Artist to start the GiveBack Collection!

For more info on how to submit your art, check out our website at

TDB:  Do you travel often?  Where is one place on your bucket list to see someday?

WG:  With school and building this company, I haven’t been able to travel much, but I hope that WovenGlobe will soon be taking me around the world as I search for more amazing artists! I would love to go to Indonesia to surf and relax someday when my life is a little less crazy.

TDB:  What is a typical day in your life resemble?  

WG:  Well, I usually get up fairly early and check my email as I’m making breakfast (running a business = a ridiculous amount of emails). I also plan out my schedule for the day, and then in between classes and work I have plenty to do with WovenGlobe. Contacting suppliers, reaching out to artists and building a brand requires some serious commitment, but it’s work that I enjoy so I don’t mind being busy. When I need a break from work I usually hit the gym and then at sunset I either go for a run or I’m in the water surfing. Surfing has become my release, it’s a great way for me to reflect on my day and get away from the more hectic aspects of my life. After that, I’m usually hanging out with friends until I go to bed.

TDB:  Your company is very charity driven, was there something that occurred in your life that made you want to give back in a big way?

WG:  I would say that earlier in my life I was mostly driven by my desire for wealth and my passion for business, but over the past year or so I have finally realized that wealth alone is not what makes a person great. The best, most impressive way to become a true success is by helping others and being a truly positive influence on their lives. It really does come back around. That’s why I am donating 10% of every cent that I make with WovenGlobe, the amount of good that I can do with that money far outweighs how it would feel in my own pocket. 

TDB:  What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who has a dream of starting a company like you have?

WG:  Embrace failure. That’s the first thing that people need to understand about entrepreneurship. Failure is not defeat. Defeat only comes when you fail to try. Failure is a huge step in the right direction, so get out there and start something! I have failed multiple times with businesses in the past, and if WovenGlobe ends up being a complete and utter disaster then I’m going to learn from it and try again and again. Most people who end up being successful tried and failed for years to get there. 

Woven Globe Promo Image | Women's Tank

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Throwback Thursday with LoveTagDesign

It's #TBT on The Daily Bits!  It's only right that our creative this week share her throwback Thursday with us!!  Lauren of LoveTagDesign is throwing it back to her college days when the LoveTag brand was born.  You see, we are gonna let you in on a little secret, LoveTagDesign was formerly LoveTagLA!!  Lauren began spray painting t-shirts and apparel in her driveway then learned to screen print!!  She sold her apparel and it ended up having a large enough following she had to outsource her printing!!  This girl knows how to rock her creativity and can we say #girlboss!!  She says it's still really awesome to see people wearing LoveTagLA around!!  All we can say is way to go girl, you have the creative touch!!   


LoveTagLA clothing #lovetagdesign

LoveTagLA clothing #lovetagdesign

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#WinitWednesday Giveaway with LoveTagDesign

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LoveTagDesign giveaway

LoveTagDesign giveaway

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